It's All True

by Stephanie Yang


I got some explaining to do. My last post was over 2 years ago, I know. What can I say? In a nutshell, I've been distracted. 

Ok, now that I've addressed that, let's get on with it!

It's the holiday season where everyone's an iPhoneographer. San Francisco temperatures dip to its coldest. And the color of my legs look like putty. A short, tight dress is the last ensemble I want to wear.

The holidays can be uncomfortable. You shouldn't be.

When I spotted this classic black, velvet-trimmed embroidered jumpsuit from Self-Portrait, all of my LBD's looked like foolish choices.

Self-Portrait teamed up with the good people at Net-a-Porter for this jumpsuit. It worked too well because now it's currently sold out. But sign up to get a notice if more return in stock. For similar unique jumpsuit looks, here's a costly option and here's one that more affordable. "Nudist" heels by Stuart Weitzman.

Photography: The Glamourist

I wanted to experiment with a non-traditional silhouette and have never worn such an exaggerated pant drape. And yet somehow, this jumpsuit is still feminine and romantic. I love how the velvet-trimmed bow is the delicate finish that evokes holiday cheer.

There's a party below my chin made of see-through paisley-print, shoulder frill and a velvet-trimmed bow. Pull the hair in a low messy pony to understate the overall effect.


Pockets deep enough to hold my iPhone. To me, this is fashtech.