Hello, Summer

by Stephanie Yang



It's been a busy but fun first official week of summer! I just signed a new startup client and am helping their cool-gadget product get Kickstarter-ready. My other client recently passed over 1 million sign up registrations. And writing for this blog has got me little time to catch up on Game of Thrones. You know nothing, Jon Snow. So how do I keep up? Coffee. Lots of it too. 

A quick snapshot of all the happenings from the previous week.

This lil' number from Grethel was on sale for 70%. The asymmetrical hemline nicely counterbalances the softer feather-printed motif. 

I'm having a moment with ribbons and tied one around my blouse. 

The San Francisco Chronicle style piece I'm featured in will publish soon. The anticipation. It's palpable. 

Celebrating with one of my clients for achieving an incredible milestone. 

In between client meetings, I'm dreaming about what to pack on my upcoming Cabo vacation. Chef, you look weary. You can come away with me too.