We All Scream For Celine

by Stephanie Yang


Resistance was futile.

I gave in and purchased a Celine Trapeze. At first, I was only window shopping. And by window shopping, I mean openly coveting. 

Fashion blogger and model Paulien mixes that nice high-low vibe.

A great pre-fall look from perennially cool Dutch blogger Christine from FashNChips.

When looking for an investment piece, I consider a handful of qualities to be key.  Craftsmanship, functionality, and timeless design.

For me, the craftsmanship has to be excellent. Sure, you'll pay a premium upfront.  However you find yourself reaching for these pieces, season after season because they look better with age.  It feels very satisfying to own something beautiful with a patina of memories aging gracefully. 

I invested in a Balenciaga lambskin purse with my first grown up paycheck.  Ten years later I grab this purse and get the same pride and appreciation for the artisanship as day one. 

In Los Angeles your car is your locker. In San Francisco you are your own sherpa.  Hard to feel glamorous walking uphill, battling the SF wind, in heels plus a bag of groceries and scalding coffee.  Shoulder straps are a must.  As is a roomier handbag for your Himalayan supplies. 

I also generally avoid large logos.  It's tough to be timeless with obvious branding.  

This Trapeze is proving to be beautiful.  I'm loving the sturdy shoulder strap and the contrast of the refined suede flap front.  The structured base makes digging around for keys a thing of the past. The bold shape is architectural and I predict will be a favorite of mine for years to come. 

Hip, hip, CELINE! 

This graphic tri-color version leaves everything else I'm wearing basic and understated.

Ring: Vita Fede Ultra Mini V Crystal Ring

The cobalt blue suede flap is a fun pop of color this season.

Blazer: Custom made in Shanghai (similar here). Jeans: Gap. Heels: Zara. Sunglasses: American Optics.



by Stephanie Yang


I'm full of smiles today seeing the photo shoot and interview by The San Francisco Chronicle post in both today's paper and online version. I'm grateful to have been profiled in the piece and feel lucky to be better friends with the whip-smart writer Maghan McDowell.  

Inasmuch as I'll never feel truly comfortable in front of the lens, starting this blog has made me let go of the little things and focus on what's important. Be good to yourselves and others. Do something you love everyday. And whatever style you choose, go forth with confidence.     


Hello, Summer

by Stephanie Yang



It's been a busy but fun first official week of summer! I just signed a new startup client and am helping their cool-gadget product get Kickstarter-ready. My other client recently passed over 1 million sign up registrations. And writing for this blog has got me little time to catch up on Game of Thrones. You know nothing, Jon Snow. So how do I keep up? Coffee. Lots of it too. 

A quick snapshot of all the happenings from the previous week.

This lil' number from Grethel was on sale for 70%. The asymmetrical hemline nicely counterbalances the softer feather-printed motif. 

I'm having a moment with ribbons and tied one around my blouse. 

The San Francisco Chronicle style piece I'm featured in will publish soon. The anticipation. It's palpable. 

Celebrating with one of my clients for achieving an incredible milestone. 

In between client meetings, I'm dreaming about what to pack on my upcoming Cabo vacation. Chef, you look weary. You can come away with me too.





All White Now

by Stephanie Yang


Wearing white during the summer months makes me feel sophisticated. Lady-like. Smart and so-right-for-now. I also know there's no way I'm eating spaghetti for lunch. 

For a low-fuss way to create high impact with clothing you already have in your closest, go monochromatic from head-to-toe. The key is pairing casual separates in luxe fabrics to strike the right balance. Think leather, light cashmere, even peekaboo mesh trim accents. In my never-ending quest to find the perfect white tee, this lil' gem from T by Alexander Wang has proven to be a workhorse winner. Made from modal cotton, the shirt results in less wrinkles, better draping and a softer-to-the-touch feel. To complete the silhouette, these off-white trousers paired nicely without looking too matchy-matchy, lest I be confused for a country club valet parking attendant.

I'll admit the ikat-printed jacket was a last minute addition in that rare instance of function over fashion. I know. That has been known to happen a few times. Practically speaking though, by the afternoon, it gets cold here. Quickly. And San Francisco's wind can be irritating. Hence, the braid too. A clean heel in a neutral color helps anchor the look. And the white canvas is the perfect backdrop to layer simple, sweet necklaces. 

Voila! Oh, lunchtime already? Peace. 


Top: T by Alexander Wang (similar here). Pants: Maje (old, similar here). Jacket: H&M (old,similar here). Heels: Zara. Necklaces: Jennifer Meyer charm (jade necklace from grandmother, Popo). Rings: Catbird. Watch: vintage Rolex.